Public Service Announcements

What is a PSA?
Think of a PSA as being a free advertisement.

How long should my PSA be?
PSA should be at least 10 seconds long and no more than 30 seconds in length.  The preferred length is 15 or 30 seconds.

What Should I include on the PSA?
Your PSA should have a brief concise message, your group’s name, and your groups web address.

What can I not have in my PSA?
Nothing sexual, no attacks, no foul language.  Remember that children do hear this podcast.

How about music?
All music must be licensed or public domain.  Creative Commons or other open licenses are acceptable.

How often will my PSA be played?
It will depend on how many PSAs we have in the current rotation.  We will promise a set number of episodes for the initial run.

When will my PSA expire?
You can specify an expiration date, or leave it open to expire when the podcast eventually ends.

Can I cancel my PSA?
Yes, at any time we will quit running your PSA, but we will not remove it from released episodes.

Will you make my PSA available for download and play on it’s own?
Yes, it will be available on our website with your full contact information.

If someone else wants to run my PSA can you provide it to them?
Yes, they can download it from our website at any time.