This tutorial is intended to help people install Google Hangouts and be ready for a Google Hangout Round table session.  This document does not cover installation of google hangouts onto cell phone devices as the app is available for free in the Android Play and iTunes app stores.  Installation on smart phones should just require a Google Plus account and the use of your phones market app.

Step 1: Have a Google+ account.
You will need a google plus account to make use of Google Hangouts.  If you do not have a personal account you may be able to use your organization’s account if permitted.  If your organization does not have a Google Plus account you should consider expanding your social media presence to Google Plus.  How ever if a Google Plus account is not available, and you wish to create one just go here: and click on Create an Account.  If you have a Gmail account but no Google Plus you should be able to simply log in at and follow the prompts to upgrade your account to have Google plus as well.

Step 2: Install Google Chrome
Before we install the hangouts software you will need to install the Google Chrome web browser available here:  I would make sure that you read the license agreement and uncheck the boxes that make it the default browser and sends data back to Google. Once downloaded run the installer and answer and prompts.  Chrome should automatically run when finished.

Step 3: Install Google Hangouts
Now that Chrome is installed you will need to visit the Hangouts page  You will see an icon/button that says “Available for your computer”, click on that and follow any prompts.

Step 4: Be available just before the event.
Go to your Google plus or gMail Account and be sure your logged in prior to the interview or round table. This will load the google Hangout plugin and have it waiting.  If you receive nothing then remember that Invitations to the google hangout will also be sent out from Google Hangouts.  If your Google Plus account is configured to use your gmail account please check under the social tab.  If your Google Plus account is connected to your regular email account check it frequently starting about 10 minutes before the round table.   If you have to connect via the link in the eMail then please follow the directions in the message body.