For Guests

Purpose of inviting you onto the Open Carry Report.

When you are invited for an interview and to appear on a Round Table episode the interview itself is intended to let the listeners get to know you and your organization in anticipation of you, or someone from your organization, participating in the monthly round table live episode.

How we can connect.

There are three ways I can connect and conduct an interview with you.  The first is the traditional telephone call, this method is simple and easy although it produces a lower quality audio signal.  The Second is Skype.  Skype is a more capable and clearer communication method, although it is more difficult to install and use than a phone.  When using Skype we can perform a video conference should you wish to, I will however only use the audio segment for the podcast.  The third and final method is more difficult to use than the others, although it is how I conduct the round tables.  It is used for that function as it permits multiple phone calls and video calls to be integrated into a single solution.  For the round table I can bring you in via phone or google hangout.  If you wish to setup the google hangout software please visit the OCR Google Hangouts Resource page.

Help me get your message out.

There are a somethings that you can provide me that will help us promote you, your appearance on the podcast, and your message.  First off providing your contact information as you want it to appear on this website will help tremendously.  Secondly providing me a copy of your organization’s logo, or alternatively a picture of your self if you are not representing anyone, will help me promote you for the Round Table by including this on the Live Round Table show page, and on the pages for past Round Table Shows.  The third thing you can provide is any links to statistics, news articles, websites, or other information you wish to discuss or include during your interview or the round table episode.  The final thing you can provide is promotion of your appearance to your membership, followers, fans, ect.

How to Sound your best.

These recommendations should begin about two (2) to Three (3) hours before the interview or Round Table.
1. Drink lots of water, Warm is better, and you might consider adding a little lemon juice.
2. Avoid Dairy products.
3. Avoid Soft Drinks and other fizzy liquids.
4. Eat a green Apple, like a granny smith.
5. Relax.