Re-Branding? uhm, why?

The Open Carry Report due to it’s name and it’s goals relating to Texas had led to it being harmed by the Toxic nature of anything associated with the words Texas, Open, and Carry.  The problem lies in the fact that many potential guests would automatically assume the podcast was somehow associated with Open Carry Texas (OCT) and refuse to participate out of fear they could be linked to “radical in your face” tactics and/or methods.

This has contributed to my rising hostility towards OCT along with stunts such as those OCT has used to get into the news without any regard for the Public Relations damage they cause.  It is those very stunts that have made any association with the words Texas, Open, and Carry toxic.

An example of the previously mentioned stunts would be the Oklahoma incident where CJ Grisham still has not clarified if he was carrying with a license or not.  When challenged with statements he made on radio CJ made comments about overturning laws by breaking them and after I left the conversation he commented that the gun may or may not have been real.

Recently OCT has started to scale back the rhetoric slightly only to go and post something like this:

OCT-WWYTWhile it doesn’t matter if they think things like this, or if it is the popular belief, as a second amendment organization OCT should never post anything to the effect that they hope someone never gets caught.  Statements like these are irresponsible and to legislators make an organization look as if it is a criminal advocacy group rather than a Second Amendment Advocacy group.