OC News for 02/27/2014

Los Angles Times, Letter to the editor (Position: Anti-Gun): The author of this letter references the Zimmerman case, the Dunn Case, and somehow tries to use them to bash the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  The author then goes on to make his point that he thinks that Open Carry is not the answer.  However the authors position is summed up with the quote “More to the point, how can there be serious discussion when some of the participants are armed and ready to shoot?”  With that said how can we have a discussion when the fact that we exist disturbs the other side so much that they view us just as the stereotype they themselves created?

Gun Watch, Blog Article (Position: Pro-Gun): This article covers the arrest of Come And Take It Texas Vice President Jason Orsek by the Temple Texas Police Department.  The article points out that this is the very same police department that arrested C.J. Grisham while he was hiking with his son.  The article does mention that Jason Orsek and C.J. Grisham know each other, but are members of different Open Carry organizations that serve Texas.

Denver Post, News Article (Position: Neutral): This article covers a recent town council decision in Castle Rock Colorado that would allow people to open carry on all city property a petition that has temporarily blocked the measure.  A petition with 1887 signatures that represent a minimum of five percent of the registered voters in Castle Rock.  The signatures will be verified and if the petition stands then the town council will either rescind the measure or it will be decided by public vote.