4 bills from the 2017 Legislative Session — GRIT #094

This is an off the cuff episode with zero prep.  I briefly discuss where the podcast will be headed in the future before talking about the following four bills:

HB560 – http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=85R&Bill=HB560
SB16 – http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=85R&Bill=SB16
HB375 – http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=85R&Bill=HB375
HB1911 – http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=85R&Bill=HB1911


Good Legislation or bad idea? — GRIT #093

Lubbock Police Department, and Negligent Discharges

  • LPD closed range due to Negligent Discharges
  • Two NDs within two weeks led to the decision to suspend firearms training until it could be reviewed and revised.
    • First discharge occurred on 9/28/2016 at the range inside a vehicle.
    • Second occurred on 10/09/2016 inside a classroom.
  • A third ND occurred on 10/16/16 at a suspect’s residence.
    • Round was discharged through a fence and into the ground.
    • Suspect was believed to be armed at the time.
  • Why this is a concern for citizens
    • Texas Government Code Section 411.207 authorizes an officer to disarm a licensee if the officer feels it is necessary for their safety, the safety of the license holder, or the safety of one or more third parties.
    • Case law may also a mechanism for temporarily disarming someone for the same reasons, primarily officer safety.
    • Many officers have never handled a firearm prior to entering the police academy as a result are only familiar with the firearms they have been trained on and/or issued.
    • Many officers will clear a firearm when they take possession of it.
      • An officer who can not properly clear a firearm they are trained to operate, and have to qualify with, has no business trying to clear a firearm they know nothing about.  This can lead to a potential negligent Discharge of the unfamiliar firearm.  Such a negligent discharge can result in property damage, serious injury, or even death for the officer and public in the immediate area.

It Sounds like a Good Idea, but is it really…

  • Every two years we see pro-gun folks who want to gut or eliminate 30.06, and now 30.07.
    • The logic is usually other states have laws where signs have no authority by law, only oral notification is valid.
    • A few use the logic that property owners should be able to use any sign, in any format, in any language, in any size, located anywhere to tell you firearms are not prohibited.
      • This is the same logic used by gun control activists
    • The Texas legislature will not pass a law where signs have no force of law, if anything there is more support for our opponents position of allowing ANY sign to serve as effective notice.
    • Some say that 30.06, and now 30.07, is equivalent to having a legally binding sign that allows property owners to ban a specific religion or ethnicity from their property.
  • We are seeing a push for a law to hold property owners liable for injuries and deaths on their property if they post signs prohibiting legal carry.
    • Current liability law works on whole different basis.
    • If you do not like a businesses prohibition on firearms you can choose to do business with their competitor.
    • What if someone attacks a business that isn’t posted but a license holder is present and unarmed anyway?
    • What about property owners who are required by law or regulation to post their property?
    • What kind of liability or protection does a property owner have should a someone carrying a firearm negligently discharge their weapon while on the property?
    • What kind of liability or protection does a business have under such legislation should an innocent bystander be injured by a criminal or license holder who are involved in a gunfight?
  • Remove or change the holster requirement for OC, also apply it to concealed carry as well.
    • Currently one can open carry in a Belt or shoulder holster, the law does not define what they are.
    • Some want no holster requirement.
      • Perhaps they wish to carry in their waistband or in their hand.
    • Some want the holster requirement modified so that any holster will do.
      • Some will say any holster on the body.
    • Some folks want to see a holster requirement for concealed carry as well.
      • A handgun concealed in a lock box, glove box, console, or other location in a vehicle would also have to be holstered.
  • What we should concentrate on
    • Removing off limits locations.
    • Fixing issues and improving the Fines for Signs law.
      • Add support for signs that reference 30.07, 46.03, and 46.035.
      • Property leased to private entity
    • Clean up and expand the current law as it relates to Concealed and Open Carry.
    • Building a solid foundation for unlicensed carry for when we can get the legislature to pass it.
    • Making friends in the legislature, not enemies.

1911s, Campus carry, and Listener Response — GRIT #092

Gun Of the Show: Colt Delta Elite

  • Model #: 02020
  • Caliber: 10mm
  • Capacity: 8+1
  • Action: Single
  • Sights: Three Dot GI Style
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 2lb 7oz
  • MSRP: 1099

1911s Here, There, and Everywhere

Official Variants

  • M1911
    • Flat backstrap
  • M1911A1
    • Arched Backstrap
    • Relieved frame behind trigger
    • Extended tang on grip safety
    • Shortened Trigger
    • Hammer Spur Shortened after 1938
      • Hammer sides flattened after 1944
    • Various Grip Materials
      • Plastic after 1938
  • Commander
  • Officer’s

Modern features and options

  • Bobtail
  • Beavertail Grip Safety
  • “Memory Pad” on Grip Safety
  • Commander style hammer
  • Full Length Guide Rods
  • Improved Sight options
    • Various Dot Patterns
    • Tritium Night Sights
    • Fiber Optics
  • Lightened triggers and hammers
  • Grips
    • Laser Grips
    • Various Wood Grips
    • Plastic/Polymer
    • Various Metals
    • Various Ivory materials
    • Mother of Pearl
    • Rubber
    • Too many to mention.
  • Accessory Rail
  • Firing Pin Safety
  • Checkering
  • Calibers
    • .45 ACP
    • .460 Rowland
    • 10mm
    • .400 Cor-Bon
    • .40S&W
    • .38 Supercomp
    • .38 Super
    • 9mm
    • .22LR

1911-like firearms:

  • Chiappa Puma 1911-22
  • Colt Mustang
    • Sig Sauer P238
      • Sig Sauer P928
  • Many More



Story: A federal court denied an injunction sought by three University of Texas professors to stop the implementation of the Texas campus carry law.  While the injunction was denied the case was not dismissed and will continue to be heard.

The Zombie Apocolypse is upon us — GRIT HC2


Aaron discusses a screen cap of a press release from the Waller County Texas District Attorney’s office and a screen cap of a facebook post by the Waller County Judge where he appears to claim the man who was killed after killing five Dallas Police Officers made threats against the Waller County DA over the guns in the courthouse issue.  That screen cap can be found at http://wallercountynews.blogspot.com/


Waller County put on notice — GRIT HC1


Waller County Texas gets 15 day notice from the Office of the Attorney General regarding unlawful exclusion.  https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/files/opn/3006_letters/2016-08-10-Waller_County_Courthouse.pdf

Listener eMail summary: Can I buy a gun to give as a gift?  Yes, As long as the one receiving it as a gift is not a prohibited person.


Getting caught back up — GRIT #91

Why there has been an unannounced hiatus.

  • Computer problems
    • Power supply went out, fixed the PSU knowing it would fail again.
    • This is the PC where all the podcast processing and editing is done.
    • No other system I have supports it’s hard drive so I was unable to move the drive to another machine and access the required files.
      • Backups are done using disk images and are not easily accessed, although are quick to make and restore.
  • Getting ready for Vacation
    • Car trouble
  • Computer problems return.
    • Fixed with a new power supply.

CLEAT and their planned assault on Open Carry.

  • http://www.guns.com/2016/07/29/citing-dallas-attack-texas-police-seeking-to-restrict-open-carry/
    • Article correctly identifies CLEAT as a union and not a pro-police organization.
  • CLEAT in the past has attacked pro-gun bills that have proven not to increase crime.
  • The incidents they cite as a basis for attacking open carry involve the open carry of long guns
    • The open carry of long guns has never been illegal in Texas
    • History Note: Preemption was watered down on long gun OC after the new black panther party open carried long guns at the Republican National Convention in Houston.
    • The long gun OC that is being used to attack Open Carry was performed by Black Lives Matter

Texas Attorney General files suit against city of Austin over unlawful exclusion.

  • Like many media sources, the AG’s press release has confused all laws passed in the last legislative session as being part of the open carry law.
  • The subsequent violations occur only after judge rules that there was a first violation.
    • In the first suit fines are $1,500/day
    • Subsequent lawsuits will see the increased penalty.
  • I suspect that Austin was chosen for a reason.
    • Extremely likely case will be appealed despite who wins.
      • The appeals will set case law.
      • This case has a good chance of seeing the Texas Supreme Court.
    • This case is an easier case to fight for the AG’s office since they are in Austin as well
  • OCT claims they, Texas Carry, and Lone Star Gun Rights are the only groups filing these complaints.
    • A group does not have to file the complaint, any individual with proper standing can do so.
    • LSGR is the NAGR chapter for Texas.
    • This is a TSRA bill intended to allow license holders to force local governments to stop wrongfully excluding them.

Waller County sues Terry Holcomb

Interesting notes on the battle lines

  • The AG’s office has telegraphed their position on Open Carry in their press release for their suit against the city of Austin.
  • TSRA’s position is clear as they fought tooth and nail to pass the bill.
  • CLEAT is obviously moving against Open Carry, and probably all pro-gun laws they can.
    • They will attempt to claim that OC was in part responsible for the deaths of the five Dallas PD officers killed at the Black Lives Matter Protest.
  • Bloomberg’s minions (probably all the one-eyed type) are taking their obvious position.
  • We can expect attacks on the fines for signs (wrongful exclusion) law.
  • We can expect attacks on Campus Carry and/or Open Carry.
  • We can expect to see attacks on preemption to weaken Open Carry and other gun rights.
  • What YOU can do:
    • Join/Donate to the NRA.
    • Join/Donate to the TSRA.
    • Join/Donate to the Texas Firearms Coalition.
    • Call/Write/Fax your elected representatives and let them know what your position is
      • Some may have already got their reelection locked in.
      • If they are up for reelection then make sure they and their opponent know your position.
    • Listen to Charles Cotton’s TFC podcast (It’s on the Texas Firearms Coalition website).
    • Join the TexasLTCForum/TexasCHLforum website.

Changes are coming to the podcast

  • Single Action Episodes
    • The standard episodes you have been hearing, including this one.
  • High Capacity Episodes
    • The new, Short, On the go, low quality, frequently released episodes that will soon start being released in addition to the Single Action Episodes
  • Both HiCap and SA episodes can be released on the same day.


Gun Free Zones are Killing Spree Zones — GRIT #090

Historic Note:

Those scary fast firing repeating rifles are too dangerous for the public.  — http://www.rarewinchesters.com/articles/art_henrythen.shtml

Killing Spree Zones.

  • Orlando Florida (Pulse Night club) [06/11/2016]
    • Dead: 49
    • Injured: 53
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes.
    • Ended with: Law Enforcement (People with guns) killed attacker.
  • Virginia Tech [04/16/2007]
    • Dead: 32
    • Injured: 17
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes
    • Ended with: Shooter committing suicide after Law Enforcement (People with guns) Entered the building.
    • Notes: Waited 30 days between purchasing firearms, passed background check due to incomplete data,
  • Sandy Hook [12/14/2012]
    • Dead: 27
    • Injured: 2
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes
    • Ended with: Suicide once Law Enforcement (People with guns).
    • Notes: Stole the weapons used from his Mother after/while killing her.
  • Killeen Texas (Luby’s) [10/16/1991]
    • Dead: 23
    • Injured: 27
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes (Only law enforcement was allowed to carry in Texas at this time)
    • Ended with: Suicide after Law Enforcement (People with guns) engaged him.
    • Notes: Led to Texas establishing licensed Concealed Carry.
  • San Ysidro California McDonald’s Massacre [07/18/1984]
    • Dead: 21
    • Injured: 19
    • Gun Free Zone: Virtual (Carry licenses were may issue, Open Carry was unloaded only)
    • Ended with: Law Enforcement (People with guns) killed attacker.
    • Notes: Second Deadliest mass shooting where the attacker was killed by police rather than committing suicide when confronted by armed opponents.
  • San Bernardino California [12/02/2015]
    • Dead: 14
    • Injured: 24
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes, Federal Property
    • Ended with: Law Enforcement (People with guns) killed attacker.
    • Notes: Classified as terrorist attack.
  • Edmond Oklahoma (Post Office) [08/16/1986]
    • Dead: 14
    • Injured: 6
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes (Only law enforcement was allowed to carry in Arkansas at this time)
    • Ended with: Suicide after Law Enforcement (People with guns) arrived but before they entered the building.
    • Notes: This shooting was one of several that lead to the term “Going Postal”
  • Fort Hood [11/05/2009]
    • Dead: 13
    • Injured: 32
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes, U.S. Military Base.
    • Ended with: Capture after being wounded by Law Enforcement (People with guns)
  • Columbine Colorado [04/20/1999]
    • Dead: 13
    • Injured: 21
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes.
    • Ended with: Suicide while Law Enforcement (People with guns) waited outside.
    • Notes: This shooting “popularized” school shootings.
  • Binghamton New York shootings [04/03/2009]
    • Dead: 13
    • Injured: 4
    • Gun Free Zone: Unconfirmed, Yes according to John Lott’s website.
    • Ended with: Suicide when shooter heard sirens of Law Enforcement (People with guns) vehicles.
    • Notes: Shooting ended when Law Enforcement arrived, however it took three hours before they entered the building.

Notable shootings before 1980

  • Bath Michigan School [05/18/1927]
    • Dead: 44 (One at another location)
    • Injured: 58
    • Gun Free Zone: No
    • Ended with: Suicide
    • Notes: This “Shooting” also utilized explosives which caused the majority of the casualties.
  • University of Texas [08/01/1966]
    • Dead: 17 (One of the injured died years later from the shooting)
    • Injured: 32
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes, but No
    • Ended with: Shooter being confronted and killed by armed law enforcement and civilians.
    • Notes: Hunting rifles were used by students, and others to return fire at the tower forcing the killer to take cover preventing more injuries and deaths.  An armed pharmacist went up the clock tower with Law Enforcement to confront the killer.
  • Russellville Arkansas [12/22/1987 – 12/28/1987]
    • Dead: 16
    • Injured: 4
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes for some killings (Only law enforcement was allowed to carry in Arkansas at this time)
    • Ended with: Surrendered to police without any resistance once he was finished killing his victims.  He chatted with one of the secretaries at one crime scene while he was waiting on the police to arrive.
    • Notes: This event took place over several days and multiple methods were used to kill the victims


Fallacies of legislation:

  • New so-called “Assault Weapons” ban
    • The original sunsetting did not increase crime
      • Crime has fallen while this the AR-15 has been the #1 seller in America.
    • There are millions in non-government hands, unless we confiscate existing rifles there will still be millions out in the public.
      • Confiscation will most like result in “lost” firearms or out-right rebellion
    • Why are magazines that hold 11 rounds more dangerous than magazines that hold 10.
    • The difference between so-called “Assault Weapons” and semi-auto hunting rifles is cosmetic and/or ergonomic.
    • Fox news Article uses extra data
      • Says mass shootings are when 4 or more people are killed, but counts shootings with as few as 3 fatalities.
  • Terror/No-Fly watch list ban
    • No due process
    • No notification of being placed on the watch list
    • No published or standard method of getting your name removed from the list.
    • No process to check if one is on the list
    • No process to correct errors


Resources for your own research

Operation Blazing Sword:



Criminal Activity

Story: Just days after the Orlando Terrorist Attack a man took hostages at an Amarillo Texas Walmart by an immigrant from Iran.  The incident reportedly stems from the suspect being passed over for a promotion and is not reportedly considered to be terrorism.  Two deputies were injured in the event and the suspect was killed by law enforcement.


Story: One Article titled “Texas lawmakers likely to expand where people can take guns” while full of speculation acknowledges that Texas Lawmakers understand the concept that Gun Free Zones are in reality nothing more than Killing Spree Zones.

Story: Open Carry Texas has offered to provide an visibly armed escort for any LGBT events in the state.  However, according to OCT’s facebook page, this PR stunt has reportedly run afoul of the Texas Security service Industry and OCT will simply hold a concurrent event if invited.

Story: An article titled “East Texas gun store owners say federal gun laws not highly enforced” simply echos what gun rights activists have said all along.  The article features an interview with a gun store owner who is a former Law Enforcement officer who reports that the FBI has denied purchases days after the delay has defaulted to a proceed and then requests information on the buyer.  The article also points out that less than one tenth of one percent of denials on firearms purchases are actually prosecuted.

Story: It’s a sign of how wrong gun banners are when the ACLU’s blog has an article that for the most part agrees with gun owners in general and the NRA in particular.  In this case the ACLU states on their blog that until it is fixed the no-fly list should not be used to restrict people’s freedoms.

Story: Continuing with the No-Fly list it appears that US Marshals routinely place innocent people on the No-Fly list in order to meet quotas so that they can receive bonuses, get promotions, as well as get awards and special assignments.  This is according to an article on TheDenverChannel.com website.

Gun Sales

Story: As usual a highly publicized mass shooting has resulted in yet another run on Guns and Ammunition across the country as evidenced by this article about the rush in Central Texas Gun Stores.

Story: Gun Sales are up for members of the LGBTQ community in Austin Texas according to an article from KEYETV.com.  Additionally the article mentions that Austin is in the process of getting a chapter of the Pink Pistols, a gun rights group dedicated to issues specific to the LBGTQ community.

Civility — GRIT #089

This episode was recorded several days before the events in Orlando, I debated releasing anything or waiting until a statement on those events could be made.  In the end I decided to release the episode as recorded not because of the work put into it but because I refuse to be silenced for fear of offending someone by doing what I do.  The show notes are below:

Time to choose The Second Amendment or Hillary

  • Hillary is completely opposed to the Second Amendment
    • Even Bernie Sanders is better on this issue than she is
  • Trump is to a degree an unknown on how he will go
    • Hillary is not
    • Trump’s sons have educated him on his position in the past
    • No other candidate has been more vocally pro-gun than Trump

“Gun Culture 2.0”, Snark, and Arming our opponents

  • We have a problem, and we are the problem.
    • We have a civility problem
      • I have fallen here as well
    • We need to return to the big tent philosophy
    • The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting
      • It is about hunting, self defense, state defense, national defense, and any other use of arms.
      • Hunting rifles that were used by Americans in the Revolutionary War.
  • Gun Culture 2.1
    • Hipster gun owners
    • Snark
    • Would be Revolutionaries
    • In Your Face antics
  • Examples
  • What we must do
    • Return to the big tent philosophy
    • Make everyone feel welcome
    • Turn down the hate and the turn up the friendly

Our news girl sent me an e-mail telling me that her computer hard drive failed and she lost our news archives, and that she now knows why I insist on using Google Docs.  She also told me no more fake names, one of them got too close to her actual middle name for her comfort.  With this in mind let’s consider some things we can do to prepare for failure while we carry.

Standard failure considerations

  • Back up Gun
  • Extra Magazine
  • Failure Drills
    • Revolver
    • Semi-Auto
  • Knives
    • As a tool
    • As a weapon
  • Maintenance
    • Cleaning and inspection of equipment, even when it hasn’t been used

Myths and Rumors about carry failure

  • Cycle ammo in magazines to avoid the spring getting weak
    • Springs fail from metal fatigue caused by repeated movement
    • Feed lips can fail if loaded mags are not in a firearm or a mag holder
      • The mag holder must press the top cartridge inward from the feed lips
  • 1911s carried cocked for a year need a new mainspring
    • No, see above comment about magazine spring failure
  • Ammo goes bad with time
    • Not a valid concern
    • Ammo is bothered more by temperature changes than age
  • It’s safer/better to carry with an empty chamber
    • Experts tend to recommend carry with a loaded chamber
      • Carrying a handgun with an empty chamber is likely better than not carrying a firearm at all should you need it.
    • Hunters ed, and other hunting resources, do recommend empty chambers for long guns however a handgun is carried in a holster with the trigger covered and safety on if applicable.

Case cleaning methods for reloading– GRIT 088

Things to keep in mind


  • Monitor cleaning operations and machines at all times
  • Inspect brass after cleaning
  • If wet cleaning perform a rinse in distilled water to prevent water spots
  • Use a media separator if using dry or metallic media.

Do Not

  • Use chemicals that contain ammonia
  • Heat brass above 300 degrees to dry it
    • Brass anneals around 450 degrees, keep temps below 300 just incase your thermostat is off and to provide a margin of safety.
  • Lube brass while cleaning for carbide dies
    • This can result in cases being very stuck in dies
  • Don’t be disappointed if you do not immediately get the desired results
    • It can take many attempts to determine the correct processes for your situation

Things you can do to improve your results

  • Deprime brass prior to cleaning
    • Recommend a dedicated decapping die
  • Sort brass by caliber and/or type
    • This is to avoid cases getting stuck together
  • Combine Vibratory and and sonic cleaning if you have access to machines for both.
    • Perform sonic cleaning first and vibratory last to produce the shiniest cases
  • Use a magnet to collect stainless steel pins if using a rotary tumbler
  • Use a car wax like “Meguiar’s M2” when using a vibratory tumbler
    • Reduces the amount of dust generated
    • Polishes brass nicely

Vibratory Tumbler
Media: Walnut hulls or corn cob
Time: 1-2 hours

  • Produces low shine polished Brass
  • Cheap
  • Reusable media (gradually degrades)


  • Does not clean primer pockets well
  • Slightly noisey
  • Dusty

Sonic Cleaner
Media: Water, Chemicals
Time: 30 minutes to one and a half hours.

  • Clean Primer pockets
  • Very quite


  • Wet brass has to be dried before use
  • Brass exhibits a film after cleaning
  • The women in your life may use it to clean jewelry when you’re not looking.

Rotary Tumbler
Media: Stainless steel pins, water, chemicals
Time: Varies, 2-8 hours

  • Very polished brass
  • Clean primer pockets
  • Reusable media


  • Wet brass has to be dried before use
  • Stainless steel pins have to be separated from brass
  • Very Noisy


Criminal Activity

Story: A Groesbeck Texas man was so high on marijuana that he thought he had been shot in the posterior when a dog had bitten him in the left side of his posterior.

Story: One man is dead while another has been arrested relating to a shooting at the Polo Club in Midland Texas.  The shooter was arrested after leaving the scene and returning.  Witnesses reported that the shooter and the deceased were arguing before the shooting.


Story: An Attorney, and I think it was Charles Cotton, once said to me that people don’t ask for an Attorney General’s opinion unless they are pretty certain they know how he will go with the opinion.  It would seem that piece of wisdom was not shared with the Lavaca-Navidad River Authority as they got an opinion that did not support the position they held.  As a result they have been told that they can not ban open carry on property they control.

Story: Once again folks are whining about the Texas voter ID law.  This article complains that the Texas Voter ID law allows people to vote using their license to carry but not a student ID.  But let’s consider that that the Texas DPS issues the CHL/LTC and the person who has it has had a background check by the FBI.  A student ID is often made to various standards and many college IDs are easily faked using a printer and laminating machine.

Story: This story has the headline “I’m A Black Female College Professor in Texas. Should I Get a Gun?”  The article itself mentions that there is a –GASP– Confederate war memorial in her city as well.  I would advise that she find an instructor and get training first, then decide if she wants to get a gun and a license to carry.


Story: A UT Austin Police officer was injured after his pistol discharged while it was reportedly holstered.  Modern firearms that are properly maintained and properly handled do not simply fire while holstered.  I suspect the officer was handling the weapon and had partially drawn it and caused it to discharge while seating it back in the holster.

Story: Car dealerships in Texas are, like many businesses, taking different positions on the carrying of arms.  Some are agreeing to allow only concealed carry, some don’t care if you carry, and others are prohibiting legal firearms on their property.  In the end each business must decided how much they trust the most law abiding group that the state of Texas keeps statistics for.

STI Lawman 5.0 Review — GRIT-087

STI Lawman 5.0 Review

NOTICE: This firearm was purchased at retail by myself and STI itself had no input or influence on this review.  I also must point out that Crimson Trace itself had no input or influence on the review and I purchased their products via Amazon.com without their knowledge.  All opinions, results, and conclusions are my own and I have received no commercial support or influence for this podcast or anything associated for this episode.

Important: In the audio I refer to this as episode 86 and give the link to episode 86 shownotes, this is Episode 87 and I apologize for that.

First Impressions


  • Barrel bushing used instead of bull barrel
  • Ramped Barrel
  • Carbon Steel Slide and Frame
  • 30 LPI Front Strap Serrations; Undercut Trigger Guard
  • Durable Cerakote™ Finish
  • Fixed Front Sight with TAS Rear Sight
  • Unique Grip Pattern
  • Classic 1911 Slide Serrations
  • Barrel Length 5”
  • Weight 42oz
  • 7 Round magazine

First thoughts, do not like category:

  • Sights have no dots, tritium inserts, or color.  Just Black.
  • Full length guide rod

First thoughts, Concerns:

  • Gun fitment is VERY tight
    • Unsure of what this will mean for reliability.
    • Should make for an extremely accurate pistol.
  • Grips are thinner than most 1911 grips
    • Unsure how this will affect quickly gripping, drawing, and shooting
  • Magazine has a rounded follower, unsure about it’s effectiveness in this magazine.

First thoughts, likes:

  • Fit & Finish shows attention was paid to details while the gun was made
  • Machine work shows quality efforts
  • Rear Sight is adjustable

First Shots (30 rounds)

  • Grips are not comfortable, has a negative impact on accuracy
  • Magazine functioned without issue
  • Gun ran without issue

1000 Round Test

  • Installed Crimson Trace LG-401G laser grips
    • Green Laser
    • Better grip pattern
  • Lubed just the Kimber Custom TLE II was prior to it’s 1k test
  • 250 Rounds fired
  • 8 failures
    • 4 operator induced failures
    • 2 magazine induced failures
    • 1 out of spec ammo failure (C.O.A.L. was 1.839)
    • 1 unknown cause
  • Test Aborted due to impending failure
    • Ejection was getting weak
    • Gun was getting too tight with grime to function
  • Test will be restarted once the STI Lawman has had time to wear in


In Defense of Self and Others

Story: A Texas man was shot dead by an armed suspect at an Arlington Texas Walgreens when he retrieved a gun from his vehicle and attempted to stop the suspect who had shot the suspect’s wife.  The man got too close and allowed the suspect to slap his gun away before the suspect shot him.

Story: A license holder with a concealed handgun shot and killed an armed robbery suspect who also had a gun.  The incident occurred at the League City McDonald’s drive-thru lane and only the suspect was harmed according to reports.

Criminal Activity

Story: An employee at Knight Transportation was killed by a recently terminated employee who came into the faculty with a firearm.  The suspect also killed himself.  The suspect was armed with a handgun and a shotgun, although only the shotgun was used in the murder and suicide.

Story: In northwest Houston two men were killed in what appears to be a drug ripoff attempt.  The incident has been described as a gun fight with between ten and twenty shots fired by three suspects.  Police did not report any of the shooters were legally licensed to carry handguns.

Story: Two Ellis County Sheriff’s Deputies have been arrested by the Texas DPS for theft from their evidence room.  Among items reportedly stolen from evidence were firearms.  Ellis County Sheriff Johnny Brown has said he will not make a statement until the Texas Rangers have completed their investigation.


Story: Students for Concealed Carry are working on documenting any cases of wrongful exclusion on the Austin Campus of the University of Texas.  One option being considered is a cash prize for the students who documents the most verifiable cases of wrongful exclusion by faculty or staff.

Story: The University of Houston forced an art project to be altered because it featured a firearm.  While current state law prohibits firearms on campus the campus can issue written regulations allowing some exceptions such as art exhibits.  The UH police chief said in an email “No guns are currently allowed on campus.  We do not censor art.”  The art piece is currently being exhibited without the handgun.

Story: The University of Texas Regents are delaying their decision on the campus carry rules so that they can look into concerns that the rules may run afoul of various state laws including the wrongful exclusion law.  The board of regents has indicated that they may consider changing the proposed rules at the July board meeting.