Audio Clip of Phillips and Stickland from GRIT #55

You can download it here:

I have received a few emails from folks wanting just the audio clip of the exchange between Representatives Phillips and Stickland that I used in Episode 55 where Phillips tells Stickland why unlicensed carry is dead and who is responsible for it.  I have done some processing and attached that audio clip as an embedded player here, it will not appear in the podcast stream.

For those who want the embed code you can find it here:

Recording The Podcast.

Until recently each episode was recorded on two devices.  The first device was my workstation, where I recorded the audio into audacity.  The Second Device was my Zoom H2N.  The H2N recently took a tumble when I rolled my Jeep and it has discovered that it likes to eat batteries.  With a new digital recorder in the cards it was decided that a new and improved system was needed for recording, preferably something that would provide better multichannel recording.  That solution came in the form of either the Zoom’s H5 or the Zoom H6 recorders.  After some consideration the best solution appeared to be the more expensive H6.

The key to recording four channels is the mixer.  I use a Mackie ProFX16 mixer which has a built in USB interface, but it is limited to two channels in and two channels out.  The ProFX16 is a four bus mixer, meaning you have four sub-out channels.  With a four track recorder the sub-out channels can be used for multichannel recording.  An ideal solution would be to acquire a mixer with USB 2.0 or Firewire in order to record each channel individually.  For my needs a four channel solution using the current mixer is a better option for the money.

To connect the Zoom H6 with the ProFX16 is a simple affair.  You need four cables with TRS connectors on one end and either TRS or XLR connectors on the other, this will allow you to bring the balanced output from the ProFX16 to the H6.  I found a snake with four cables in it and TRS connectors on each end which makes things easier to route and keep together.  Keep in mind that you want to enable the -20db pad on each channel of the H6.IMG_20150208_172240   IMG_20150208_172723

ChannelStripOnce the physical connection is made you need to figure out how to route the signal.  First lets address the channel strips.  On each channel strip next to the slider there are four buttons, three are all we concerned with.  We want to ensure that the L/R button is up while either the 1-2 or 3-4 button is down.  Finally we turn the PAN knob to the left or the right.  Turning it to the left routes the signal to the left channel, sub-out number one, and/or sub-out number three.  Turning it to the right routes the signal to the right channel, sub-out number two, and/or sub-out number four.  To achieve four channel recording with four inputs you want to ensure only one of the buttons are depressed and that the pan knob is turned all the way to one direction so that each input goes to it’s own sub-out.  Once the channel strip configured it’s time to look at the sliders for the sub-outs.  Above each slider you will find two buttons.  One is labeled “L” and the other “R”  Depressing these will route the signal to the main output group.  I depressed both on all four channels so that I hear a mono signal representing a blend of all signals.  You should depress at least one on each sub-out to ensure you can hear the signal in your headphones.  Rec-Sliders


Re-Branding? uhm, why?

The Open Carry Report due to it’s name and it’s goals relating to Texas had led to it being harmed by the Toxic nature of anything associated with the words Texas, Open, and Carry.  The problem lies in the fact that many potential guests would automatically assume the podcast was somehow associated with Open Carry Texas (OCT) and refuse to participate out of fear they could be linked to “radical in your face” tactics and/or methods.

This has contributed to my rising hostility towards OCT along with stunts such as those OCT has used to get into the news without any regard for the Public Relations damage they cause.  It is those very stunts that have made any association with the words Texas, Open, and Carry toxic.

An example of the previously mentioned stunts would be the Oklahoma incident where CJ Grisham still has not clarified if he was carrying with a license or not.  When challenged with statements he made on radio CJ made comments about overturning laws by breaking them and after I left the conversation he commented that the gun may or may not have been real.

Recently OCT has started to scale back the rhetoric slightly only to go and post something like this:

OCT-WWYTWhile it doesn’t matter if they think things like this, or if it is the popular belief, as a second amendment organization OCT should never post anything to the effect that they hope someone never gets caught.  Statements like these are irresponsible and to legislators make an organization look as if it is a criminal advocacy group rather than a Second Amendment Advocacy group.

OC News for 03/03/2014

MLive, News Article (Position: Neutral): The Open Carry March in Grand Rapids Michigan had approximately 80 people participate and had no issues w/ the public or police.  The event started off with a pledge of Allegiance was recited and then the march kicked off in earnest.

OC News for 03/01/2014

Law Fuel, Blog Article (Position: Pro-OC): This article discusses what open carry is, why it is significant to Oklahoma, and gives a brief review of what rules, laws, and regulations apply to open carry.  The article also gives explanation why licensed carriers must notify law enforcement immediately, although I disagree for the most part.

 MLive, News Article (Position: Neutral): Open Carry Supporters in Michigan plan a march to support Johann Deffert who was stopped and detained by police last year.  Deffert has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Grand Rapids and officers.  The march is scheduled for 11:30am on March 2, 2014.  Participants are meeting at Fuller Park.

OC News for 02/28/2014

U-T San Diego, News Article (Position: Neutral): The Concealed Carry ruling that would force California and Hawaii to become shall issue will be appealed if the California Attorney General gets their way.  First they must ask permission to intervene in the case and then they can appeal the ruling.  The NRA attorney for the Case, C.D. “Chuck” Michel, has said he will appose the California Attorney General’s petition to intervene in the case as she had not been involved in the litigation initially.  This case is possible only because Open Carry is not legal in California.

12 News, Beaumont TX, TV Report (Position: Neutral): Port Arthur Texas Police Chief Mark Blanton has issued a warning to Come And Take It organizers who are planning a rally in the city.  Chief Blanton stated concerns that the open carrying of rifles will incite violence.  His Deputy Chief stated concerns that a CHL holder might produce their weapon fearing what an Open Carrier might do.

OC News for 02/27/2014

Los Angles Times, Letter to the editor (Position: Anti-Gun): The author of this letter references the Zimmerman case, the Dunn Case, and somehow tries to use them to bash the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  The author then goes on to make his point that he thinks that Open Carry is not the answer.  However the authors position is summed up with the quote “More to the point, how can there be serious discussion when some of the participants are armed and ready to shoot?”  With that said how can we have a discussion when the fact that we exist disturbs the other side so much that they view us just as the stereotype they themselves created?

Gun Watch, Blog Article (Position: Pro-Gun): This article covers the arrest of Come And Take It Texas Vice President Jason Orsek by the Temple Texas Police Department.  The article points out that this is the very same police department that arrested C.J. Grisham while he was hiking with his son.  The article does mention that Jason Orsek and C.J. Grisham know each other, but are members of different Open Carry organizations that serve Texas.

Denver Post, News Article (Position: Neutral): This article covers a recent town council decision in Castle Rock Colorado that would allow people to open carry on all city property a petition that has temporarily blocked the measure.  A petition with 1887 signatures that represent a minimum of five percent of the registered voters in Castle Rock.  The signatures will be verified and if the petition stands then the town council will either rescind the measure or it will be decided by public vote.


Things are almost ready to launch.

Things are starting to progress and the final stages of preparation to launch the Open Carry Report have begun.  An introductory episode has been planned, recorded, and is ready to be published.  Invitations to participate in the first round table have been sent out along with interview requests, and we are so close to launch that it is not even funny.  This week Episode 1 will drop!

–Aaron (Feb 24, 2014)