Getting caught back up — GRIT #91

Why there has been an unannounced hiatus.

  • Computer problems
    • Power supply went out, fixed the PSU knowing it would fail again.
    • This is the PC where all the podcast processing and editing is done.
    • No other system I have supports it’s hard drive so I was unable to move the drive to another machine and access the required files.
      • Backups are done using disk images and are not easily accessed, although are quick to make and restore.
  • Getting ready for Vacation
    • Car trouble
  • Computer problems return.
    • Fixed with a new power supply.

CLEAT and their planned assault on Open Carry.

    • Article correctly identifies CLEAT as a union and not a pro-police organization.
  • CLEAT in the past has attacked pro-gun bills that have proven not to increase crime.
  • The incidents they cite as a basis for attacking open carry involve the open carry of long guns
    • The open carry of long guns has never been illegal in Texas
    • History Note: Preemption was watered down on long gun OC after the new black panther party open carried long guns at the Republican National Convention in Houston.
    • The long gun OC that is being used to attack Open Carry was performed by Black Lives Matter

Texas Attorney General files suit against city of Austin over unlawful exclusion.

  • Like many media sources, the AG’s press release has confused all laws passed in the last legislative session as being part of the open carry law.
  • The subsequent violations occur only after judge rules that there was a first violation.
    • In the first suit fines are $1,500/day
    • Subsequent lawsuits will see the increased penalty.
  • I suspect that Austin was chosen for a reason.
    • Extremely likely case will be appealed despite who wins.
      • The appeals will set case law.
      • This case has a good chance of seeing the Texas Supreme Court.
    • This case is an easier case to fight for the AG’s office since they are in Austin as well
  • OCT claims they, Texas Carry, and Lone Star Gun Rights are the only groups filing these complaints.
    • A group does not have to file the complaint, any individual with proper standing can do so.
    • LSGR is the NAGR chapter for Texas.
    • This is a TSRA bill intended to allow license holders to force local governments to stop wrongfully excluding them.

Waller County sues Terry Holcomb

Interesting notes on the battle lines

  • The AG’s office has telegraphed their position on Open Carry in their press release for their suit against the city of Austin.
  • TSRA’s position is clear as they fought tooth and nail to pass the bill.
  • CLEAT is obviously moving against Open Carry, and probably all pro-gun laws they can.
    • They will attempt to claim that OC was in part responsible for the deaths of the five Dallas PD officers killed at the Black Lives Matter Protest.
  • Bloomberg’s minions (probably all the one-eyed type) are taking their obvious position.
  • We can expect attacks on the fines for signs (wrongful exclusion) law.
  • We can expect attacks on Campus Carry and/or Open Carry.
  • We can expect to see attacks on preemption to weaken Open Carry and other gun rights.
  • What YOU can do:
    • Join/Donate to the NRA.
    • Join/Donate to the TSRA.
    • Join/Donate to the Texas Firearms Coalition.
    • Call/Write/Fax your elected representatives and let them know what your position is
      • Some may have already got their reelection locked in.
      • If they are up for reelection then make sure they and their opponent know your position.
    • Listen to Charles Cotton’s TFC podcast (It’s on the Texas Firearms Coalition website).
    • Join the TexasLTCForum/TexasCHLforum website.

Changes are coming to the podcast

  • Single Action Episodes
    • The standard episodes you have been hearing, including this one.
  • High Capacity Episodes
    • The new, Short, On the go, low quality, frequently released episodes that will soon start being released in addition to the Single Action Episodes
  • Both HiCap and SA episodes can be released on the same day.