Gun Free Zones are Killing Spree Zones — GRIT #090

Historic Note:

Those scary fast firing repeating rifles are too dangerous for the public.  —

Killing Spree Zones.

  • Orlando Florida (Pulse Night club) [06/11/2016]
    • Dead: 49
    • Injured: 53
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes.
    • Ended with: Law Enforcement (People with guns) killed attacker.
  • Virginia Tech [04/16/2007]
    • Dead: 32
    • Injured: 17
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes
    • Ended with: Shooter committing suicide after Law Enforcement (People with guns) Entered the building.
    • Notes: Waited 30 days between purchasing firearms, passed background check due to incomplete data,
  • Sandy Hook [12/14/2012]
    • Dead: 27
    • Injured: 2
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes
    • Ended with: Suicide once Law Enforcement (People with guns).
    • Notes: Stole the weapons used from his Mother after/while killing her.
  • Killeen Texas (Luby’s) [10/16/1991]
    • Dead: 23
    • Injured: 27
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes (Only law enforcement was allowed to carry in Texas at this time)
    • Ended with: Suicide after Law Enforcement (People with guns) engaged him.
    • Notes: Led to Texas establishing licensed Concealed Carry.
  • San Ysidro California McDonald’s Massacre [07/18/1984]
    • Dead: 21
    • Injured: 19
    • Gun Free Zone: Virtual (Carry licenses were may issue, Open Carry was unloaded only)
    • Ended with: Law Enforcement (People with guns) killed attacker.
    • Notes: Second Deadliest mass shooting where the attacker was killed by police rather than committing suicide when confronted by armed opponents.
  • San Bernardino California [12/02/2015]
    • Dead: 14
    • Injured: 24
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes, Federal Property
    • Ended with: Law Enforcement (People with guns) killed attacker.
    • Notes: Classified as terrorist attack.
  • Edmond Oklahoma (Post Office) [08/16/1986]
    • Dead: 14
    • Injured: 6
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes (Only law enforcement was allowed to carry in Arkansas at this time)
    • Ended with: Suicide after Law Enforcement (People with guns) arrived but before they entered the building.
    • Notes: This shooting was one of several that lead to the term “Going Postal”
  • Fort Hood [11/05/2009]
    • Dead: 13
    • Injured: 32
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes, U.S. Military Base.
    • Ended with: Capture after being wounded by Law Enforcement (People with guns)
  • Columbine Colorado [04/20/1999]
    • Dead: 13
    • Injured: 21
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes.
    • Ended with: Suicide while Law Enforcement (People with guns) waited outside.
    • Notes: This shooting “popularized” school shootings.
  • Binghamton New York shootings [04/03/2009]
    • Dead: 13
    • Injured: 4
    • Gun Free Zone: Unconfirmed, Yes according to John Lott’s website.
    • Ended with: Suicide when shooter heard sirens of Law Enforcement (People with guns) vehicles.
    • Notes: Shooting ended when Law Enforcement arrived, however it took three hours before they entered the building.

Notable shootings before 1980

  • Bath Michigan School [05/18/1927]
    • Dead: 44 (One at another location)
    • Injured: 58
    • Gun Free Zone: No
    • Ended with: Suicide
    • Notes: This “Shooting” also utilized explosives which caused the majority of the casualties.
  • University of Texas [08/01/1966]
    • Dead: 17 (One of the injured died years later from the shooting)
    • Injured: 32
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes, but No
    • Ended with: Shooter being confronted and killed by armed law enforcement and civilians.
    • Notes: Hunting rifles were used by students, and others to return fire at the tower forcing the killer to take cover preventing more injuries and deaths.  An armed pharmacist went up the clock tower with Law Enforcement to confront the killer.
  • Russellville Arkansas [12/22/1987 – 12/28/1987]
    • Dead: 16
    • Injured: 4
    • Gun Free Zone: Yes for some killings (Only law enforcement was allowed to carry in Arkansas at this time)
    • Ended with: Surrendered to police without any resistance once he was finished killing his victims.  He chatted with one of the secretaries at one crime scene while he was waiting on the police to arrive.
    • Notes: This event took place over several days and multiple methods were used to kill the victims


Fallacies of legislation:

  • New so-called “Assault Weapons” ban
    • The original sunsetting did not increase crime
      • Crime has fallen while this the AR-15 has been the #1 seller in America.
    • There are millions in non-government hands, unless we confiscate existing rifles there will still be millions out in the public.
      • Confiscation will most like result in “lost” firearms or out-right rebellion
    • Why are magazines that hold 11 rounds more dangerous than magazines that hold 10.
    • The difference between so-called “Assault Weapons” and semi-auto hunting rifles is cosmetic and/or ergonomic.
    • Fox news Article uses extra data
      • Says mass shootings are when 4 or more people are killed, but counts shootings with as few as 3 fatalities.
  • Terror/No-Fly watch list ban
    • No due process
    • No notification of being placed on the watch list
    • No published or standard method of getting your name removed from the list.
    • No process to check if one is on the list
    • No process to correct errors


Resources for your own research

Operation Blazing Sword:


Criminal Activity

Story: Just days after the Orlando Terrorist Attack a man took hostages at an Amarillo Texas Walmart by an immigrant from Iran.  The incident reportedly stems from the suspect being passed over for a promotion and is not reportedly considered to be terrorism.  Two deputies were injured in the event and the suspect was killed by law enforcement.


Story: One Article titled “Texas lawmakers likely to expand where people can take guns” while full of speculation acknowledges that Texas Lawmakers understand the concept that Gun Free Zones are in reality nothing more than Killing Spree Zones.

Story: Open Carry Texas has offered to provide an visibly armed escort for any LGBT events in the state.  However, according to OCT’s facebook page, this PR stunt has reportedly run afoul of the Texas Security service Industry and OCT will simply hold a concurrent event if invited.

Story: An article titled “East Texas gun store owners say federal gun laws not highly enforced” simply echos what gun rights activists have said all along.  The article features an interview with a gun store owner who is a former Law Enforcement officer who reports that the FBI has denied purchases days after the delay has defaulted to a proceed and then requests information on the buyer.  The article also points out that less than one tenth of one percent of denials on firearms purchases are actually prosecuted.

Story: It’s a sign of how wrong gun banners are when the ACLU’s blog has an article that for the most part agrees with gun owners in general and the NRA in particular.  In this case the ACLU states on their blog that until it is fixed the no-fly list should not be used to restrict people’s freedoms.

Story: Continuing with the No-Fly list it appears that US Marshals routinely place innocent people on the No-Fly list in order to meet quotas so that they can receive bonuses, get promotions, as well as get awards and special assignments.  This is according to an article on website.

Gun Sales

Story: As usual a highly publicized mass shooting has resulted in yet another run on Guns and Ammunition across the country as evidenced by this article about the rush in Central Texas Gun Stores.

Story: Gun Sales are up for members of the LGBTQ community in Austin Texas according to an article from  Additionally the article mentions that Austin is in the process of getting a chapter of the Pink Pistols, a gun rights group dedicated to issues specific to the LBGTQ community.