Civility — GRIT #089

This episode was recorded several days before the events in Orlando, I debated releasing anything or waiting until a statement on those events could be made.  In the end I decided to release the episode as recorded not because of the work put into it but because I refuse to be silenced for fear of offending someone by doing what I do.  The show notes are below:

Time to choose The Second Amendment or Hillary

  • Hillary is completely opposed to the Second Amendment
    • Even Bernie Sanders is better on this issue than she is
  • Trump is to a degree an unknown on how he will go
    • Hillary is not
    • Trump’s sons have educated him on his position in the past
    • No other candidate has been more vocally pro-gun than Trump

“Gun Culture 2.0”, Snark, and Arming our opponents

  • We have a problem, and we are the problem.
    • We have a civility problem
      • I have fallen here as well
    • We need to return to the big tent philosophy
    • The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting
      • It is about hunting, self defense, state defense, national defense, and any other use of arms.
      • Hunting rifles that were used by Americans in the Revolutionary War.
  • Gun Culture 2.1
    • Hipster gun owners
    • Snark
    • Would be Revolutionaries
    • In Your Face antics
  • Examples
  • What we must do
    • Return to the big tent philosophy
    • Make everyone feel welcome
    • Turn down the hate and the turn up the friendly

Our news girl sent me an e-mail telling me that her computer hard drive failed and she lost our news archives, and that she now knows why I insist on using Google Docs.  She also told me no more fake names, one of them got too close to her actual middle name for her comfort.  With this in mind let’s consider some things we can do to prepare for failure while we carry.

Standard failure considerations

  • Back up Gun
  • Extra Magazine
  • Failure Drills
    • Revolver
    • Semi-Auto
  • Knives
    • As a tool
    • As a weapon
  • Maintenance
    • Cleaning and inspection of equipment, even when it hasn’t been used

Myths and Rumors about carry failure

  • Cycle ammo in magazines to avoid the spring getting weak
    • Springs fail from metal fatigue caused by repeated movement
    • Feed lips can fail if loaded mags are not in a firearm or a mag holder
      • The mag holder must press the top cartridge inward from the feed lips
  • 1911s carried cocked for a year need a new mainspring
    • No, see above comment about magazine spring failure
  • Ammo goes bad with time
    • Not a valid concern
    • Ammo is bothered more by temperature changes than age
  • It’s safer/better to carry with an empty chamber
    • Experts tend to recommend carry with a loaded chamber
      • Carrying a handgun with an empty chamber is likely better than not carrying a firearm at all should you need it.
    • Hunters ed, and other hunting resources, do recommend empty chambers for long guns however a handgun is carried in a holster with the trigger covered and safety on if applicable.