Case cleaning methods for reloading– GRIT 088

Things to keep in mind


  • Monitor cleaning operations and machines at all times
  • Inspect brass after cleaning
  • If wet cleaning perform a rinse in distilled water to prevent water spots
  • Use a media separator if using dry or metallic media.

Do Not

  • Use chemicals that contain ammonia
  • Heat brass above 300 degrees to dry it
    • Brass anneals around 450 degrees, keep temps below 300 just incase your thermostat is off and to provide a margin of safety.
  • Lube brass while cleaning for carbide dies
    • This can result in cases being very stuck in dies
  • Don’t be disappointed if you do not immediately get the desired results
    • It can take many attempts to determine the correct processes for your situation

Things you can do to improve your results

  • Deprime brass prior to cleaning
    • Recommend a dedicated decapping die
  • Sort brass by caliber and/or type
    • This is to avoid cases getting stuck together
  • Combine Vibratory and and sonic cleaning if you have access to machines for both.
    • Perform sonic cleaning first and vibratory last to produce the shiniest cases
  • Use a magnet to collect stainless steel pins if using a rotary tumbler
  • Use a car wax like “Meguiar’s M2” when using a vibratory tumbler
    • Reduces the amount of dust generated
    • Polishes brass nicely

Vibratory Tumbler
Media: Walnut hulls or corn cob
Time: 1-2 hours

  • Produces low shine polished Brass
  • Cheap
  • Reusable media (gradually degrades)


  • Does not clean primer pockets well
  • Slightly noisey
  • Dusty

Sonic Cleaner
Media: Water, Chemicals
Time: 30 minutes to one and a half hours.

  • Clean Primer pockets
  • Very quite


  • Wet brass has to be dried before use
  • Brass exhibits a film after cleaning
  • The women in your life may use it to clean jewelry when you’re not looking.

Rotary Tumbler
Media: Stainless steel pins, water, chemicals
Time: Varies, 2-8 hours

  • Very polished brass
  • Clean primer pockets
  • Reusable media


  • Wet brass has to be dried before use
  • Stainless steel pins have to be separated from brass
  • Very Noisy


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