STI Lawman 5.0 Review — GRIT-087

STI Lawman 5.0 Review

NOTICE: This firearm was purchased at retail by myself and STI itself had no input or influence on this review.  I also must point out that Crimson Trace itself had no input or influence on the review and I purchased their products via without their knowledge.  All opinions, results, and conclusions are my own and I have received no commercial support or influence for this podcast or anything associated for this episode.

Important: In the audio I refer to this as episode 86 and give the link to episode 86 shownotes, this is Episode 87 and I apologize for that.

First Impressions


  • Barrel bushing used instead of bull barrel
  • Ramped Barrel
  • Carbon Steel Slide and Frame
  • 30 LPI Front Strap Serrations; Undercut Trigger Guard
  • Durable Cerakote™ Finish
  • Fixed Front Sight with TAS Rear Sight
  • Unique Grip Pattern
  • Classic 1911 Slide Serrations
  • Barrel Length 5”
  • Weight 42oz
  • 7 Round magazine

First thoughts, do not like category:

  • Sights have no dots, tritium inserts, or color.  Just Black.
  • Full length guide rod

First thoughts, Concerns:

  • Gun fitment is VERY tight
    • Unsure of what this will mean for reliability.
    • Should make for an extremely accurate pistol.
  • Grips are thinner than most 1911 grips
    • Unsure how this will affect quickly gripping, drawing, and shooting
  • Magazine has a rounded follower, unsure about it’s effectiveness in this magazine.

First thoughts, likes:

  • Fit & Finish shows attention was paid to details while the gun was made
  • Machine work shows quality efforts
  • Rear Sight is adjustable

First Shots (30 rounds)

  • Grips are not comfortable, has a negative impact on accuracy
  • Magazine functioned without issue
  • Gun ran without issue

1000 Round Test

  • Installed Crimson Trace LG-401G laser grips
    • Green Laser
    • Better grip pattern
  • Lubed just the Kimber Custom TLE II was prior to it’s 1k test
  • 250 Rounds fired
  • 8 failures
    • 4 operator induced failures
    • 2 magazine induced failures
    • 1 out of spec ammo failure (C.O.A.L. was 1.839)
    • 1 unknown cause
  • Test Aborted due to impending failure
    • Ejection was getting weak
    • Gun was getting too tight with grime to function
  • Test will be restarted once the STI Lawman has had time to wear in


In Defense of Self and Others

Story: A Texas man was shot dead by an armed suspect at an Arlington Texas Walgreens when he retrieved a gun from his vehicle and attempted to stop the suspect who had shot the suspect’s wife.  The man got too close and allowed the suspect to slap his gun away before the suspect shot him.

Story: A license holder with a concealed handgun shot and killed an armed robbery suspect who also had a gun.  The incident occurred at the League City McDonald’s drive-thru lane and only the suspect was harmed according to reports.

Criminal Activity

Story: An employee at Knight Transportation was killed by a recently terminated employee who came into the faculty with a firearm.  The suspect also killed himself.  The suspect was armed with a handgun and a shotgun, although only the shotgun was used in the murder and suicide.

Story: In northwest Houston two men were killed in what appears to be a drug ripoff attempt.  The incident has been described as a gun fight with between ten and twenty shots fired by three suspects.  Police did not report any of the shooters were legally licensed to carry handguns.

Story: Two Ellis County Sheriff’s Deputies have been arrested by the Texas DPS for theft from their evidence room.  Among items reportedly stolen from evidence were firearms.  Ellis County Sheriff Johnny Brown has said he will not make a statement until the Texas Rangers have completed their investigation.


Story: Students for Concealed Carry are working on documenting any cases of wrongful exclusion on the Austin Campus of the University of Texas.  One option being considered is a cash prize for the students who documents the most verifiable cases of wrongful exclusion by faculty or staff.

Story: The University of Houston forced an art project to be altered because it featured a firearm.  While current state law prohibits firearms on campus the campus can issue written regulations allowing some exceptions such as art exhibits.  The UH police chief said in an email “No guns are currently allowed on campus.  We do not censor art.”  The art piece is currently being exhibited without the handgun.

Story: The University of Texas Regents are delaying their decision on the campus carry rules so that they can look into concerns that the rules may run afoul of various state laws including the wrongful exclusion law.  The board of regents has indicated that they may consider changing the proposed rules at the July board meeting.