Audio Clip of Phillips and Stickland from GRIT #55

You can download it here:

I have received a few emails from folks wanting just the audio clip of the exchange between Representatives Phillips and Stickland that I used in Episode 55 where Phillips tells Stickland why unlicensed carry is dead and who is responsible for it.  I have done some processing and attached that audio clip as an embedded player here, it will not appear in the podcast stream.

For those who want the embed code you can find it here:


6 comments on “Audio Clip of Phillips and Stickland from GRIT #55

  1. M–Language Edit–r you need to be taught a lesson on being a patriot. You are bashing our constitutional rights brains out on patriots day of all days and who do you think you are? A real patriot stands up to tyrnany like CJ Grisham, Kory Watkins, and Tim McVeigh

    • You’re may be onto something putting those three in the same group, but I wouldn’t call them Patriots. I edited your post for language, the edit is clearly marked.

    • Tim McVeigh? You use Tim McVeigh to bolster your argument for unlicensed open carry? You call him a patriot?You must have a screw loose. What kind of sick reasoning do you have that would make you think that would ever be a sane argument? You lost all credibility with that one.

  2. Timothy McVeigh a patriot? You mean the cowardly m**********r who murdered 19 children, including this one?

    THAT “patriot”? You are an asshat, and a stupid, STUPID, one at that. Not only that, but you absolutely proved the point of this audio file, and it is exactly because of social retards like you that we won’t get unlicensed open carry in Texas any time soon. Thanks a lot, dumbass.

  3. I have known patriots. I have worked with patriots. While I don’t agree with his message or methods, I might consider MSG Grisham to be a patriot based on his service. Watkins I don’t know, but his actions are often not patriotic. McVeigh, sir, is no patriot. He is a despicable coward. He is a failure as a man and a human being. Anyone sharing his views is a danger to our society, not an example to be followed.

  4. P47r107, you say Aaron is “bashing our constitutional rights brains out on patriots day of all days”. And how is he doing that? By posting an audio clip of a Texas representative explaining WHY unlicensed open carry will not even be considered in this session. Aaron isn’t even expressing an opinion. He’s merely making readily available what was said in Austin so Texans can make their own judgments about why unlicensed open carry never came up for a vote. And it’s quite clear why. Kory Watkins contributed to its defeat. So did Grisham (and I know him personally so I can say that.) You need to think long and hard about that, before you try to kill the messenger.

    Most animals never crap where they sleep. They have enough sense to go elsewhere. Apparently the so-called “patriots” in your group haven’t yet learned to do that.

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